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Can You Lease Office Equipment?

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Can You Lease Office Equipment?

Setting up or expanding an office-based business can be extremely costly, because you have to pay for all your equipment on top of the rent and general moving costs. For this reason, a great number of companies use office equipment leasing to finance the purchase of new items. This process is available for almost everything you need, from furniture to electronic devices to software.

Leasing can be a great option for many small or medium-sized businesses. If you’re starting from scratch, you can minimize your initial costs and the amount of debt you accrue from the start. Slightly larger companies that want to expand can do so at a small upfront cost by leasing the additional equipment. There are many different types of contracts available, so you’re sure to find something that suits your individual needs.

What Equipment Can You Lease for Your Office?

When you think of an equipment lease, you might imagine office furniture or maybe specialized electronic devices. However, you can purchase almost everything you need in this way, including virtual components like software. As a result, you only have to spend money on your space and your employees when setting up your business, and you can pay for the rest over time or when your investment has started to become profitable.

While you can go to the firms that sell the equipment you need, speaking to a direct lender like Noreast Capital could have many benefits. By working with us, you can get all your items from the same place, and you don’t have to spend time filling out a large number of applications. Because you’ll have a dedicated professional assigned to your account, there will be continuity, and we can personalize your service as we get to know your needs.


Office furniture can be expensive, especially when you need to buy large quantities of it all at once. In addition to desks and chairs, you might need items for a media room, a setup where your employees can relax during their breaks, and pieces of furniture that allow you to hold large meetings. What’s more, your business might have specific needs depending on the shape of your space and the type of work you do.

At Noreast Capital, we can offer you a lot of choices when it comes to furnishing your office. You can lease exactly the type of product you need from us without paying for it all upfront. Once you’ve made your choice, we can discuss what kind of office equipment leasing is best and whether you will start to pay it off right away or delay payments until your business is profitable.

Electronic Devices

Although you might need furniture in large quantities, each piece will be relatively cheap. In contrast, electronic devices such as high-quality photocopiers, scanners, computers, or telephones can be extraordinarily expensive. When setting up your office, you’ll need to make sure you get up-to-date devices, which further increases the cost of your equipment.

By choosing a lease, you can spread out the cost over several years. Our most popular lease term is 36 months because it gives your business plenty of time to increase its revenue and make the investment worth it. Your employees will benefit from the high level of productivity that modern electronic devices allow, so you’ll be improving your bottom line without the initial cash outlay that would be necessary otherwise.


Many of the business owners we work with are surprised that we also offer software leasing. If you need software for accounting, advertising, graphic design, business management, scheduling, or inventory and supply chain management, we can help you out. Like electronic devices, purchasing these products upfront can be very costly, so you can benefit from delaying the price.

What’s more, you might be able to upgrade more regularly because you can decide to sign a new lease once your term is up. If you go for the average 3-year term, this means that you’ll always stay on top of the newest technology.

Who Can Benefit from Office Equipment Leasing?

You might wonder if equipment leasing is the right choice for your firm. Isn’t it more expensive than purchasing everything outright? The answer is that it depends on your business and the type of lease you choose. Because the purchase is delayed, you keep your cash for longer and can therefore reinvest it in your operations. If your company is profitable, this can lead to much higher revenue, so the slight extra cost of your lease is more than worth it.

What’s more, most small and mid-sized businesses don’t have an excess of capital to spend on office equipment. Thus, they would have to borrow money from a lender, such as a bank, if they wanted to purchase the items upfront. The interest rates of these kinds of loans can be higher than your lease, so it doesn’t make any sense to choose this option.


Many of the companies we work with are startups, so they are in the process of setting up their first physical space. As such, they usually have limited funds available, and these are better spent on building up the business and hiring highly qualified employees. We offer several leases specifically designed for young companies who might not yet have the revenue to pay for all the equipment they need.

For example, you could delay payments for the first few months and therefore get set up without having to immediately spend money. There is also the option of starting with a lower fee and then gradually increasing it as your profit margins widen. The professional working with you will take you through the possibilities and help you decide which one is suitable for your startup.


Small or Medium-Sized Businesses Looking to Expand

The other main reason why businesses seek us out is that they are planning a major expansion. If you’ve been successfully running your office for many years, it might be time to open a second branch or expand your existing premises.

This is much more achievable when you don’t instantly have to spend money on equipment. By working with us, you could expand your business and increase your profits much faster, thereby creating the cash flow you need to easily keep up with your lease payments.

Seasonal Businesses

Not all companies operate year-round, and you might get paid much more during one season than during another. For example, accounting firms often see a great influx of customers during tax season, whereas their profits may decline once these busy months are over. It can be hard for such businesses to keep up with all their payments year-round, which is why there is a specific type of lease created just for them.

Seasonal payment leases match the cash flow of your business, so you pay off the bulk of your equipment during the peak months, and your payments are significantly reduced during the off months. This could make it much easier for you to meet your commitment and to survive when profits are lower.

Businesses Who Have Varying Needs

Because your company is always expanding and changing, your needs may not remain the same for very long. If you purchase expensive equipment, you expect it to last for at least 5-10 years, but after that time, it might no longer suit your requirements. Office equipment leasing can help you to remain much more flexible and to switch out your assets more frequently.

For example, you might know that you’ll want to rebrand your business in a year’s time. In such a situation, you could get a 12-month lease and then exchange your items for ones that better fit your new image. What’s more, you might be working on a project that requires certain types of equipment, but once it’s over, you no longer need these things. With a lease, you can simply give them back at the end of your term and your payments for them will stop.

Businesses Unsure About the Future

Finally, not all business owners are sure whether they will operate in the same way in future years. For instance, you may want to attempt an expansion for a year but have the option to amend or give up the plan if it doesn’t work out. Getting a lease could be your way of experimenting with different options without making a commitment that is hard to back out of.

You could go for a flexible contract that allows you to either keep your items at the end or give them back to us, depending on how things work out. That way, you don’t have to project too far into the future, and you can take things one step at a time.

Get the Equipment You Need

There are many benefits to a lease. Small businesses can get started with a much lower amount of capital, and mid-sized companies will be able to expand at a much faster rate. Any profits you make can go directly back into the business, and you don’t have to spend them on new equipment. Call or message us at Noreast Capital to find out more about the leases we offer. No matter the size of your operations, you’re sure to find something suitable.

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