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Office Equipment Financing

Office Equipment Financing

Equipment Leasing & Financing

In today’s fast paced growing business climate expanding your firms office furniture and automation equipment should be a number one priority. Your workplace is your businesses’  livelihood. Provide your business with the work stations and technology needed to function and flow smoothly, especially in the COVID-19 environment. Let the equipment cost be the last of your worries with our quick and innovative financing solutions. At Noreast Capital we stand committed to offering the most competitive lease options to help your firm not only conserve critical capital but allow for unlimited expansion. Our office leasing specialist can provide a leasing solution for new furniture, computers, phone systems, copiers even your postage equipment.

At Noreast Capital, we understand that your office equipment does not produce revenue for your business, however the use and its’ productivity does. With unique leasing options, you won’t have to empty your pockets. In addition, the cost of the leased equipment qualifies as a tax deduction.

Benefits of office equipment financing

Quick and easy credit submittal process (~4 hours)

Conserves cash

Helps with cash forecasting by providing fixed payments

Increases purchasing power

Add equipment quickly in response to industry or technology changes

Preserves bank lines of credit

Customized financing solutions such as seasonal payments can be designed to match your individual requirements

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