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Small & Medium Businesses

Small & Medium Businesses

Equipment financing is an easy, economical way to get equipment without making a large cash investment

Acquiring new equipment may be the largest capital investment you will make for your business. Few businesses choose to pay cash or use their precious working capital to purchase equipment. Equipment financing is an easy, economical way for businesses of any size (including small or medium businesses, non profits or municipalities) to get equipment without making a large cash investment. According to the Small Business Administration, 85% of all companies use lease financing to acquire equipment. $800 billion dollars of equipment will be acquired using lease financing. Whether you are looking to expand current capacity or looking to replace old, inefficient equipment, Noreast will help you understand how lease financing solutions help you acquire the equipment you need for your business.

Sometimes it pays to think BIG!

Large companies know that leasing can be a smart way to acquire equipment. They understand that ownership doesn’t always make sense and that interest rates are just part of the picture. Now, small businesses in the U.S. can think big, too. Consider the many benefits of leasing.

There's more to it than interest rates

When comparing financing options, look at the whole picture. Lease financing can cost less than a conventional loan. Be sure to consider all the factors:

Fast & easy financing

Professional Experts

We have smart, straightforward solutions. We’ll work with you so that you can make the right financing choice for your business.

Quick Approvals

Submit our simple one page application for up to $50,000 and get an answer in less than an hour. For larger amounts, include additional financial statements and get a response in one or two business days.

Simple Paperwork

We can finalize paperwork for immediate turnaround. We also support equipment acquisitions from multiple vendors on the same agreement.

Same Day Financing

Equipment financing in as little as 24 hours!

Lease Line of Credit

If you’re not ready to acquire equipment now, we have a lease line of credit to ensure that financing is there when you need it. Knowing that you already have financing in place can give you the leverage you need to negotiate the best equipment solution.

Are you ready?

Fill out the online credit application today or let us get you an instant quote for your equipment purchase!

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